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Tooth Crowns in Capitol Heights

If you are not happy with the way a tooth looks, or you have a decayed tooth that is ruining your ability to chew, ask us about crowns for teeth.

What is a Dental Tooth Crown?

Teeth that need crowns are either unattractive or weakened to the point where they need support. A crown is a tooth cap that covers structural or cosmetic imperfections; it looks exactly like a real tooth. Situations where dentists suggest crowns are after a root canal, to strengthen a tooth to hold a bridge or when a tooth is cracked or fractured. People also get crowns for cosmetic reasons.

Do Family Dentists Offer Crowns to Their Patients?

You can get a tooth crown in Capitol Heights at our practice; it does not require a visit to a specialist. Our dentists routinely help patients improve their smile with a crown.

Are All Crowns Made From the Same Material?

No, certain materials are better for front teeth and others for molars. Ask the dentist which materials would work best in your situation.

A Porcelain Crown

As dental caps, metal-based crowns with a porcelain outer surface are stronger than natural teeth; however, porcelain crowns are not as translucent as natural teeth. If you are not getting the crown on one of your front teeth, translucency typically is not a consideration.

Ceramic Crowns

A ceramic crown is the most aesthetically pleasing; dentists often recommend ceramic with a porcelain-based filling for patients seeking a front tooth crown for cosmetic purposes.

Gold Crowns

A gold crown tooth possesses incredible strength; it will not chip or crack, even with a heavy bite. Few patients request a gold tooth crown for their front teeth, but for a molar, gold is perfectly suitable.

How Much Will a Crown Cost?

We understand that the dental crown cost is an important factor for our patients. Our dentist will explain your estimated cost, which depends on the material that you select for your crown, as well as whether you need additional dental work. Your insurance may pay for a portion of the work and the crown itself, unless your crown is purely cosmetic. Discount dental plans may also make a crown more affordable. Call our office and our helpful office staff can answer questions and schedule an appointment.

Is the Dental Crown Procedure Complicated?

The dentist will give you a local anesthetic and then start preparing your tooth for a crown by filing it down, making sure that no decay is left. Then, the dentist makes an impression of your tooth so the lab can make a customized tooth crown for you.
You will go home with a temporary plastic or steel crown, which will hold until we receive your permanent crown back from the lab. You will return for a second visit so the dentist can fit your permanent crown.

Will I Have To Do Anything Extra To Care for my Crown?

If you have good oral health habits, including brushing two times a day and flossing, there is nothing special that you need to do. You should treat a crown as if it were any other tooth.

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I love this place I really don’t like going to dentist I’m 48 but they have changed my outlook
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Dr. Wilson, Linne, and the assisting team at the Capitol Heights location were the best. I had several needles for my procedure and felt nothing. I am a 60+ retiree and have had extensive dental work […]
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Very professional.
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Every one in the dentist office from the receptionist to the dentist are very warm and friendly and make you feel like your family.
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Friendly and great customer service
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Excellent customer service the doctor explained each procedure
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Good customer service & they take their time with you
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Awesome Establishment. I will be glad to refer the professional, knowledgeable and fabulous staff. Thank you for your great care!
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I had an emergency dental problem and the office was quick to respond and give me an appointment the same day and the dentist was very attentive and informative for my issue.
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