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Emergency Dentists in Capitol Heights

We accept same-day emergency appointments. Call us today at (240) 392-3983.

Medical Emergencies

If you are experiencing a MEDICAL emergency,
please dial 911

Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a DENTAL emergency during regular business hours:
call (240) 392-3983

The need for emergency dental care never seems to happen at a good time. Our emergency dental office understands that no one ever plans to need urgent dental care. If you need emergency tooth pain relief or tooth repair, please call us today. Our team of emergency dentists specializes in assessing and treating a wide range of problems from a lost filling to a lost tooth.

How to Find an Emergency Dentist

If you are searching for an, “Emergency dentist near me,” it’s a safe bet that you need help now. We leave some of our business hours open so that we can see to patients with emergency problems as soon as possible. The faster you get help by scheduling an appointment with us, the sooner you will find relief. Our emergency dentists in Capitol Heights are here to help anyone who is looking for an emergency dentist in their area.

Emergency Dental Services: What Are They?

If you have tooth pain that isn’t going away, you probably need help quickly. Contact our office, and we will do our best to fit you in for same day treatment. We provide a range of services, including emergency tooth repair for chipped or cracked teeth. We can also perform an emergency tooth extraction for a tooth that is beyond repair. In addition to emergency tooth repair for cracks and chips, our dentists can:

  • Provide urgent dental care to alleviate toothaches from decay or injury.
  • Help you find relief from wisdom tooth pain and swelling.
  • Treat dental infections, such as abscesses
  • Restore fillings or crowns that have come loose or have been lost
  • Help with pain from orthodontic devices
  • Make repairs to broken orthodontic brackets or wires

If you think you might need emergency dental services that range from dental pain management to emergency tooth pulling, please call our office today.

Do You Need Emergency Dental Attention?

I’m not sure if I really need emergency dental care. When should I go to an emergency dental office near me?

You may need to obtain emergency services if you are suffering from any of the following dental conditions and symptoms:

Broken or Fractured Teeth

A broken or cracked tooth is a common problem seen by emergency dentists in Capitol Heights, and it requires urgent care to prevent an infection.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is very distressing and painful to experience. Often caused by blunt-force trauma, such as from a car accident or sports mishap, it’s important to get to an emergency dental office as soon as possible.

Severe Toothache Pain or Pressure

You may experience severe pain or pressure when chewing, or pain that lingers after you eat. A sharp pain may be attributed to tooth decay, a loose filling, or a cracked tooth. Pain that lingers could be a sign of infection.

Tooth Sensitivity

You may experience tooth sensitivity and pain because of a crack or chip in the tooth. One of our emergency dentists can fix this problem you and stop your dental discomfort.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

If you’re experiencing pain from dental decay, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. When dental decay is left unchecked, you may one day find yourself needing an emergency tooth extraction. Our emergency dentists can assess the cause of your tooth pain and create a plan of action to provide the relief you need.

Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth is a painful and serious bacterial infection that needs immediate attention. A chipped or broken tooth, if left untreated, can become infected and develop a pus-producing abscess. An abscess can also be caused by gum disease or worn enamel.

Lost or Loose Fillings

Most tooth restorations or fillings will need to be repaired or replaced at some time. If your filling falls out unexpectedly, call our office during business hours, and we will schedule you with an emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Broken Crowns

If you have a crown that breaks or comes loose, it’s wise to have your tooth examined within one to two days at the latest, even if you aren’t experiencing pain.

Orthodontic Pain or Injuries

An orthodontic wire that has come loose and is poking into your cheek can be extremely uncomfortable and require emergency attention. Broken brackets can’t wait until your next orthodontic appointment, so call for an appointment today.

Tooth Enamel Worn by Teeth Grinding

When teeth become worn by grinding, you may experience jaw pain and sore, cracked, or misaligned teeth. If you are in pain because of tooth grinding, we can help.

Sinus Pressure

Are you feeling a dull ache and pressure on your upper row of teeth? Sinus pain and tooth pressure are often interrelated. A dental infection or wisdom teeth that are impacted can create a feeling of pressure in your sinuses.

More Serious Concerns: What to Do

I’m concerned that I might have a serious injury or infection. Should I go to the emergency dental office near me or dial 911?

If you are experiencing tooth pain or bleeding that is related to a severe infection or trauma, the best choice is to take advantage of the 24hr dental emergency treatment that’s provided by hospital emergency rooms. They can give you immediate medical attention for acute issues. Then, see one of our emergency dentists for follow-up dental care to completely resolve the issue.

Emergency Dental Visits: Costs and Payments

How much can I expect to pay for emergency dental care near me? Are there any options available for low-cost emergency dentist visits?

Your emergency dentist visit costs will vary based on the nature of your problem and the treatment required. Our emergency dentists will provide a thorough examination to determine the cause of your symptoms and the best way to treat them. They’ll also provide you with an estimated total cost for all services to be provided.

We accept most dental insurance plans, but if you are in need of emergency dental care without insurance, you may choose to enroll in the DentRite® discount plan. This plan is not dental insurance, rather it’s a way to receive substantial savings on several essential dental procedures. We also accept most major credit cards and provide options for financing. Please call us to learn more.

If I need help at night or on a weekend, how can I find emergency dental care near me?

If you need emergency dental treatment outside of normal business hours, one option is to seek help from an urgent care center. You can also call 911 to go to a hospital emergency room. Physicians can provide antibiotics to treat infections and help with trauma or bleeding. Otherwise, call our office during normal business hours, and we will schedule emergency dental care as soon as possible.

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very professional. procedure was almost painless.
Nicole R.
I have no complaints. Everyone was really great. The Dental Assistant was very personable and treated me like I've been a long-time patient. […]
Charles C.
They are very pleasant and professional.
Sandra S.
The service is great, the staff is great. Would recommend to anyone.
Debra W.
The employee's there are very welcoming and the office is very organized and clean.
Veronica J.
Very nice staff and dentist. Office atmosphere eases your mind. Always clean and neat!
Shauntece L.
My experience was excellent. The staff were very professional. The oral surgeon was the best. I will be making this my dental home!
Courtney N.
very efficient
Theresa C.
I absolutely love Dr. Wilson. It has been a while since I came to see him (I had moved out of the area), but I had to come back to him because I […]
Ijeoma I.
I must say I'm terrified by going to the dentist but my last visit to the steeplechase dental was great. .I did not feel any pain..I must commend the […]
Doretha J.
Friendly, Clean and did a good job on my teeth.
Mary M.
Very clean environment. I was very pleased with the staff and Doctors.
Brenda W.
Good Friendly Service - the staff works hard to make you feel comfortable- I appreciate that the most
Fayette V.
Everyone was very friendly and professional!!
Courtney N.
This was my first time coming to Dr. Wilson, the staff was very friendly and nice.
Donice A.
I love the customer service at Steeplechase and the dentists are great, they actually care about their patients, I have recommended several of my […]
Garness S.
My visit is always wonderful at steeplechase everyone is so sweet and makes your dental visit a pleasant one. Dr. Wilson will always be my favorite […]
Cheryl C.
I recently had my tooth extracted. That was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. I was extremely nervous because they were taking out […]
Sakina M.
The staff, atmosphere, and overall ambiance is top notch!
Heidi H.
Friendly and professional staff.
Willie E.
Wonderful people at Steeplechase! I haven't been there in two years (hate going to the dentist), but each time I visit everyone is courteous, kind […]
Linda H.
Dental One is simply the best!!!!
Jonathan R.
Everyone there where really polite
Jacqueline T.
Very friendly and care about your well being and look.
Dana M.
Everything is always excellent
Raymond B.
Dr. Wilson and his assistant were very professional explaining all options and keeping me apprised of each step along the way, as they worked.
David G.
As usual, the service was excellent! I went in for a routine periodontal scaling but was given the option to proceed with additional services already […]
Sheila T.
The team was very professional
Kenny H.
Staff and dentists very friendly and professional.
Linda B.
Excellent Service!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tarsha A.
Expectations met !!!...No problems with either the office personnel or the experienced attending technician.
William T.
My last visit was stellar! There was little to no pain, some (very) minor discomfort. She was confident, swift and efficient. I would recommend her […]
Tim J.
I loved my visit it was very informant about my teeth and the best way to keep my teeth up. The dentist staff waz awesome I could say they kept a […]
Antonio B.
As always the staff was friendly and the service was excellent. I always have a good experience at this office.
Teri B.
Dr. Wilson and the entire staff at Steeplechase are amazing professionals at all times.
Rosa L.
Dionne and front desk staff are always pleasant and courteous makes feel like family when ever I come for a visit.
Valencia B.
I have always received great care when I am at Steeplechase Dental One and I received detailed information about my procedures and follow up details
Garness S.
Dr. Wilson has patience and is a just around AWESOME!!!!!
Annette W.
Appointment at 10:30am ,out by 11:30! Super fast service. I'd recommend them to anyone .
Tanika W.
I do not like going to the dentist at all but Dental One always makes me feel at ease. All the jitters go away when I am there. Dionne is the best at […]
Sharon G.
Very professional friendly staff and nice clean office.
Tyriq W.
Generally I am nervous when visiting the dentist, but Dionna always seems to put me at ease. I am very comfortable with her.
Faye N.
I enjoy the courteous customer service that I receive from the staff front desk and the dentist and hygentist are very courteous and pay very close […]
Garness S.
Love going here very nice friendly people wouldnt choose another dentist to go to
D'marko B.
Hardly saw the filling, Dr. Aulakh was great, going back soon for my next appointment.
Marvalyn D.
The staff is very nice, Dr. Wilson is excellent, bed side service is on point.
Donice A.
Everyone there is very friendly and professional, tentative to your needs.
Theresa B.
The dental hygienist was awesome. She was extremely friendly. The doctor was polite also.
Omar P.
The services at the dental office is very professional and very friendly. When I report for my appointments in most cases, I'm always escorted back […]
Tarya L.
Thanks for taking me with one days notice. Very pleasant dental staff. My crown was put back on and is working wonderfully. I will definitely be back.
Cora T.
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